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Hope Christian School (HCS) is a grade one through grade twelve Christian school. The school is committed to meeting both the academic and spiritual needs of its students. Our school office is located in the Champion, Alberta, and we offer a full Christian education online through Hope Online  as well as a traditional home education program through Hope at Home.

Please see our Mission, Vision and Beliefs Statements to get a more in depth understanding of what our educational philosophy is. While we welcome students with other belief systems, it must be understood that the Biblical perspective is followed in all of our materials and classes. Through these, students will be encouraged to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ, which to us, is the only hope of experiencing a life of peace in this world and the next. Our teachers all have an evangelical Christian background and this Biblical perspective will thus be reinforced through teaching of course materials and class discussions. In agreeing to register with us you understand, acknowledge and accept that your children or yourself with be taught from this perspective.

We also host regular field trips to various locations across the province and the school will cover admission to these venues for students. In the past we have visited sites such as as: Telus world of Science, in Edmonton and Calgary, the Calgary Zoo, the Valley Zoo, the Creation Museum, the Tyrell Museum, Fort Normandeau in Red Deer and the Alberta Legislature. High school students have also been offered the opportunity to participate in an annual or biennial trips to Europe but students are required to cover their own costs for these trips.

We also belong to the Alberta School Athletics Association, enabling our students to join sports teams with other schools in their area.


Hope Christian School began in the fall of 1981 with 13 students. A group of parents became increasingly concerned that God and Biblical values were being systematically removed from public school classrooms. They wanted to have God at the center of their child’s education. Thus they started an independent school. In the fall of 1982, the school started to use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program.


Hope Christian School has an Alberta accredited online program and a traditional home education program run from our offices are in Champion, Alberta.

Home Education

Our home education program supports a large population of home educated students and their parents. With the home education program you may use the resources of your choosing but you will be required to fulfill the outcomes laid out by the Alberta Education Home Education Regulations. This program is facilitated by Alberta certificated teachers.

Online School

Hope Christian School’s Online school provides the opportunity to obtain a complete Alberta Education Diploma without ever having to enter a regular classroom. You instead would participate in an online teacher-taught classroom. Please see Hope Christian School’s Online school page for details.

Benefits of HCS

  • Parent direction & leadership
  • Low student-teacher ratio
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Challenging curriculum


At Hope Christian School, we are proud to offer Christian education , through our home school program, as well as through the Hope Christian Online School. We are also proud of our dedicated staff that make this all happen.

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HCS Safe and Caring Administrative Procedure

HCS Safe and Caring Administrative Procedure

Education Continuity Plan QAs – March 20 2020

Annual Education Results Report

Three Year Education Plan

Combined Three Year Education Plan & Annual Education Results Reports (AERR)