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Hope Christian School’ s Online school offers teacher-taught Alberta Education accredited courses that have been specifically developed to express a Christian world view in English, Social Studies, Science, Biology and CALM 20. We offer all other teacher-taught courses both online or in a print mode. Through our online school you or your child would have the opportunity to obtain a complete Alberta Education Diploma online without ever having to enter a regular classroom. You instead would participate in an online teacher-taught classroom. So if you want one course or a complete secondary school education, please contact us. At this point there are no tuition fees for Alberta residents under the age of 20.

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Grades 4-6 Timetables

Grades 4-6 Timetables 2021-2022

Junior High Timetables

Grade 7

Grade 7 Timetable 2021-2022

Grade 8

Grade 8 Timetable 2021-2022

Grade 9

Grade 9 Timetable 2021-2022

Tenative Junior High Options

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Graduation 2021

This following grad picture was photo shopped so social distancing protocols were followed even though it is not apparent.  Photo taken by Nicole Murray Photography

Alberta Education offers an excellent guide for students and families considering enrolling in an online school program:

Online Learning Readiness Quizzes can help you assess your readiness for online leaning. Numerous online learning readiness interactive quizzes can be found with a quick search of the internet. Here are some samples of these links to help you assess your readiness for online learning and if it a reasonable choice for you.

Online Readiness Quiz

Why should you choose Hope Christian School?

There are lots of online schools available for Alberta students but here is what makes us stand out: 

  • Synchronous classes available in core classes – all core classes offer one semester of synchronous classes where you actually attend class via Zoom and listen to direct instruction from the teacher, get help on questions, meet your classmates, and learn about assignment expectations.
  • Recorded classes – all of our “live” classes are recorded so if you can’t make it to class the actual recording complete with student questions is available during the whole term.
  • Asynchronous classes available in non-core and opposite semesters – would you rather learn by watching recordings with open deadlines? You can enroll in classes that have a bit more freedom to mesh with your work schedule. Be aware – there are still deadlines!
  • Base technology classes – all new students are expected to become proficient in the Office platform by taking Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – the three key programs used for our classes – and Microsoft Office is available for FREE for all our students!
  • E-Learning class – learn how to USE your technology to accomplish efficient learning goals such as moving pictures, keeping yourself safe in the cyber world, merging files — all tasks to make online learning more successful.
  • RAP, Green Certificate, and Work Experience – our school values hands-on learning for all students.  All students can enroll in work experience for 16 credits, Green Certificate (an agricultural technician training program) for 16 credits, or secure their first year of apprenticeship hours in a variety of trades for 40 credits.  CTS options (career and technology) – all students are eligible to take courses in foods, fashion, business management, wildlife, and agriculture to name a few strands.
  • Drama and choir – Choir and drama classes are available for Central Alberta students – plus – a summer residential drama camp is available in July.
  • Summer photography classes — residential photography credits are available for students in July
  • Unique programming – some of the unique courses we offer at HCS include psychology and sociology courses, forensic studies, religious studies, world religions, and aboriginal studies (great for university entrance)
  • Field trips, scholarship announcements, overseas adventure trips, driver training credits, credits for previous study such as PAL and AHEA have the ability to round out your classes!
  • Personal career counselling and personal timetable adjustments help you connect with your teachers and make sure your education is relevant to what you want to do!
  • Yes, we do have a live graduation ceremony!

HCS is always looking out for unique opportunities for our students – and right now we are exploring the option of DUAL CREDIT programming where Grade 11 and 12 students can take college level courses and receive credit in high school AND college! Pretty cool, eh? 

What next? 

  • Complete a registration form at
  • Receive confirmation email from principal
  • Receive a phone call from a staff member to assist in your program planning
  • End of August – receive final timetable and email from respective teachers for courses selected.
  • FIRST day of classes – August 30, 2021

Call Mr. Anger – 403-897-3019 or Ms. Dart – 403-899-3786

Online Summer School Courses

Hope Christian School offers a summer school program where students can take or re-take courses or even get a head start on their high school year over the summer. For our summer school we will offer most of the core courses but please check with us first in order to determine their availability. Our summer courses are asynchronous or recorded so there will be no live classes and the course will be done at the student pace – while fulfilling the requirements of the course deadlines. Summer school starts June 29 and extends to July 30. You will be receiving a link to our Canvas Management System June 29th for you to begin.

We also offer the opportunity to be involved in a summer residential camp where you may obtain credits for Drama, CALM20 and/or Photography. These camps will be hosted in the Ponoka, Alberta area. Space for these camps is limited so please apply early if you would like to reserve a spot. Please see the following link for more details. Please note that as of July 3 we will no longer be accepting registrations for summer courses. Please select Summer 2020 for the year. If you wish to register with us after that date, you will need to fill out a registration form for the 2021-2022 school year which will begin August 30th, 2021.

Information for summer Drama, CALM20 and Photography camps.


  • Featured courses for 2021-2022 …. We have a number of CTS computer courses that can actually lead to various certifications in the computer word. See COMPUTER SCIENCE COURSES for more information  Computer Science Courses
  • Alberta Online Education Courses that reflect a Christian world view
    • Christian values differ from world values in many key areas. This is particularly reflected in senior high school courses such as Social Studies, English and Biology. While our developed courses meet all of the Alberta Education required outcomes they still maintain Christian values .
    • Readings and novels for English are selected which support and are sensitive to Christian moral values
    • In Alberta Social Studies, students explore economic, social and political issues that face Canadians today. This curriculum has been modified to encourage students to examine each and every issue from a Biblical perspective.
    • The Science 10 and Biology 20 and 30 courses show that life began as a result of God’s special creation as outlined in Genesis
      • Scientific evidence for evolution is presented along side that of evidence for the Genesis creation event
  • We offer all the courses necessary to complete an Alberta Education Senior High School Diploma
    • All courses have available a teacher-taught, online, interactive, instructional component using the program “Zoom”
    • Students may meet with the teacher in an online classroom on a regular basis
      • All the student needs is a computer hooked up to the internet and a good headset with a microphone
      • The student can then hear as the teacher discusses course content and answers questions
      • Presentations can be illustrated for the student on the computer screen
  • Subject area specialist Evangelical Christian teachers
    • Senior Math-Sciences
    • Senior Social Studies-English
    • These qualified teachers can then teach all other required senior high courses

Registration Forms

If you would like to join our school please fill out one of the registration forms found at the following links.

  • It will be mandatory for full-time students entering grade 10 to take the following 1 credit modules unless they can demonstrate proficiency in these areas.
    • COM1255 E-Learning
    • INF1030 – Word processing
    • INF1060 – Spreadsheet
    • INF1070 – Powerpoint
  • Hope Christian School Online Registration Form  (All online students of HCS must fill one out)