Home Education

Since 1994 Hope Christian School has supported a growing number of families committed to homeschooling their children. Now, we have one of the larger home schools in Alberta with parents throughout the province teaching their children using any number of Christian curricula available. With the available provincial funding, most families have more than enough money to cover these costs.

Our home education department (Hope at Home) provides two excellent Christian curricula from K to 12 which our families can access at a very reasonable cost. Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) and Christian Light Education (C.L.E.) meet provincial regulations and provide students with a scripturally-solid basis for their education.

Our certified teachers (facilitators) visit each family at least twice a year and are always available by phone or email. Our administrative support team at the school can provide you with two report cards per semester based on quarterly progress mark reporting, timely delivery of school materials, and accurate financial statements. Our Coordinator is available 24/7, supporting the parents in teaching their children is our prime focus.

Please see our Home Education School Calendar for when progress card marks need to be sent to the office as well as when receipts need to be turned in for reimbursement funding.

For the Home Education program students are required to meet general outcomes drawn up by Alberta Education:

Funding and Program Plans: